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Revenue cycling involves handling critical patient data for billing purposes. The process begins with admitting patients, continues with patient discharge and ends with payment of final receipts. If you need revenue cycle training for your team of healthcare workers, hire Accounts Receivables & Revenue Cycle Consulting LLC.

We'll make sure you understand the ways to achieve ethical and accurate collection of healthcare information. After our initial training session, you'll then go through revenue cycle optimization to understand issues across your entire enterprise. Call us today to learn more about our revenue cycle training in Tyler, TX.

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The team at Accounts Receivables & Revenue Cycle Consulting LLC will go the extra mile to make sure you understand the revenue cycling process as a big picture and how to fix each issue you come across. Our training process includes:

  • Interviewing your team to see how well they understand revenue cycling
  • Identifying key issues your team has with their revenue cycling process
  • Focusing on what processes to implement to better understand revenue cycling

We can then do follow up training as needed in order to understand revenue cycle optimization. Reach out to us today for revenue cycle training by calling 559-656-0054.